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Description: Westwood's entire insect collection was purchased by F. W. Hope and presented 31 July 1857. Part of it had been aquired from other famous collectors who are also listed under their respective names. Westwood was assiduous in purchasing even small collections which he recognised as being important. The following list is entered in his journal: A Walnut wood Cabinet (originally Mr Haworth's) containing 33 drawers filled with exotic insects of various orders. A Buhl inlaid Cabinet of 26 small drawers containing English Hymenoptera, Hemiptera etc. A Mahogany Cabinet of 30 small drawers (originally Sir Patrick Walker's) containing English Lepidoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera & Illustrations. A Cabinet of 20 drawers made of Indian Wood (Sir J. B. Hearsey's) containing Indian Lepidoptera & Illustrations of English Insects Economy etc. A Cabinet of 12 small drawers with talc tops (formerly Captain Boys') containing Indian Hymenoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera &c. A cabinet of eight drawers made of very heavy Indian Wood (Sir J. B. Hearsey's) containing Indian Lepidoptera. A Cabinet of 12 drawers (deal, with 2 drawers beneath for bottles in compartments) containing Indian insects chiefly Lepidoptera. A set of 15 mahogany drawers containing Exotic Hymenoptera Orthoptera etc. A set of 9 large deal stained drawers containing exotic Coleoptera. A set of 13 deal store boxes covered with green cloth containing British Coleoptera. A set of 5 double boxes containing a fine series of Mexican insects of all orders cllected by Mr. Coffin. Two large double boxes with Exotic Bees from Collections of Latreille & St Fargeau & Serville - named typically. One box of insects of various orders from Adelaide Australia sent by Mr Wilson. Four boxes of insects of Coleoptera & Hymenoptera selected from Mr Bateman's collection made at Melbourne, Australia. Three double boxes covered with green calico containing exotic Heteromera & Clavicorn Coleoptera. A set of 13 large double store boxes covered with green calico, containing exotic Coleoptera Orthoptera (& one, illustrations of economy). Three store (double) boxes covered with salmon paper containing British Orthoptera & Exotic. Sphingidae & Nocturnal Lepidoptera. Three large double boxes with exotic Diurnal Lepidoptera. One very large double box with Indian Hemiptera (Dr. Bacon). One box with Exotic Heteroptera (returned from Dallas). One large double box painted green with Lucanidae & Rutelidae. One large double box (mahogany) with about 800 species of N American insects (Col and Hem) named by Fitch Java Lepidoptera from Dr Horsfield & large Nocturnal do Natal. One large double store mahogany with Java Lepidoptera from Dr. Horsfield & Indian do (Captain Mortimer Slater). One large double store box Mahogany with Assam Lepidoptera Major Jenkins. One do do do do with Cicadae & Fulgoridae. One do do with apterous insects. One do Lepidoptera Cape Palmas. One do Exotic Locustidae One do British Ichneumonidae named by Desvignes. One do Achetidae & Gryllidae Exotic. One do Butterflies Mussooree. One do Indian Nocturnal Lepidoptera. One do Ceylon Coleoptera Wollaston. One do Illustrations of habits (mahogany box). One do do (French Carton). One do double Hymanoptera & Coleoptera from Turpentine Raddon. One do Dynastidae. One do Crustacea. Six boxes with dissections of insects by Latreille. Seven deal Indian drawers with insects from India Java Coleoptera (Hearsey & Templeton). Hymenoptera (Boys) &c. also Heliconiidae. Ten Carton boxes Indian Lepidoptera Hemiptera Orthoptera & Hymenoptera (Hearsey). A large number of packages containing illustrations of Economy. Several hundreds of bottles with insects, larvae &c in spirits. A large amount of material was presented to Westwood during his tenure of the Hope Chair and this was usually given to the collections.
Notes: A large amount of material was presented to Westwood during his tenure of the Hope Chair and this was usually given to the collections.
Date of Acquisition: 1857 31st, July
Method of Acquisition: Purchased by Hope and Presented.
Family: Various
Size of Collection:
Zoogeographic Region: World

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