Gems of Earth and Air

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This Collections Online site is the result of a year-long project, "Gems of Earth and Air", to create a unified collections database for the Museum of Natural History's three collection areas, Life, Earth and Archives. This is the first stage of a much longer undertaking but we intend to make all of our digital collections available through this site in the years to come. We hope to create a way to explore the lost and hidden links between the material in all our different collections. 

As our two most visually arresting collections, the minerals and Lepidoptera are an ideal starting point for this image-rich site and for opening our collections to a wider audience.

This project was generously funded by the Designation Development Fund of Arts Council England.

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Image shows Labradorite (cabochon) from Madagascar (MIN.30452, not online) and Coeliades chalybe immaculata Carpenter, 1935 (ENT.LEPI3483).

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