Corsi Collection

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Faustino Corsi was a 19th century Roman lawyer who made a collection of 1,000 polished slabs of decorative stone. The stones include those used by the ancient Romans, and Italian stones used from medieval times onwards as well as a selection of decorative rocks and minerals from England, Russia, and other countries. These beautiful marbles, serpentines, jaspers and granites can also be seen in palaces and cathedrals all over Europe.

The Corsi collection, held here in the Museum, is a remarkable resource for modern researchers. Corsi gave particular emphasis to recording quarry locations, and was one of the first to organise a decorative stone collection according to geological principles.

Our Corsi website allows the user to identify a particular stone by describing the geological features, colours and patterns that are present. Search results can be viewed as a list, thumbnail images, or as a gallery of larger images of the stones.

To learn more, please explore our Corsi website.

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