Megalodon Tooth

The Fossil Tooth of the Megalodon is one of the largest known to this very day, and is quite wonderful to be displayed in the Museum.

The tooth is around 17cm and is morphologically similar to a Great White Shark tooth but more robust and much larger. It was by far the largest and most powerful fish of its time and one of the biggest hypercarnivorous predators ever known - 67ft in length and over 100 metric tons in weight. The megalodon is one of the most formidable carnivores ever to have existed; it preyed on a variety of marine animals including Sperm Whales, Dolphins, giant Sea Turtles and other large sea animals.

Seeing this predator if it were alive today would be quite amazing due to its sheer scale when comparing it to today’s marine world. I find this fossil tooth very interesting because of what it represents.

Israr Hussain, Front of House