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What can you do to help?

Hilda the hippo There are many ways in which you can help save natural resources and help protect the environment. If we all do a little bit to help preserve natural resources, we will help prevent many more species of animals and plants becoming endangered.

Five easy ways to help save the planet!

  1. Ask your teacher if you can plant some wild flowers in an area of your school - these flowers will attract butterflies and birds in the summer when they bloom.
  2. You could put a bird feeder in either your own garden or the school garden and feed the birds, especially through the cold winter months - you could even record all the different birds that visit your feeder.
  3. You could encourage people in your school (and your home) to switch of lights and computer monitors when they are not being used to save electricity.
  4. As a school or class you could sponsor an endangered animal and help in the efforts to save it.
  5. Do some research. Find out more about what you can do to save species.

Find out about the extinct and endangered animals in the Museum.

Hilda the hippo Dodo
Blue whale
Golden toad
Giant panda
Passenger pigeon
Schaus' swallowtail

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