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The interactive map - where do you live?

By now you should know that different plants and animals existed at different times in geological history, and their remains are found as fossils in the rocks that formed when they were alive. By using the geological divisions shown in the timescale, palaeontologists have mapped the age of the rocks and fossils of Britain. This is shown in the map below - scroll down and take a look.

Britain is made up of rocks of many ages.
Each colour on the map represents rock of a certain age or type.

Click on the name of the town or city closest to where you live and discover the age of the rock and types of fossils that could be found there.

Map Caenozoic Cretaceous Jurassic Triassic and Permian Carboniferous Devonian Silurian-Cambrian Precambrian Metamorphic Igneous Inverness Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh Newcastle Sunderland Carlilse Whitby Lancaster York Leeds Hull Manchester Liverpool Lincoln Stoke-on-Trent Norwich Leicester Birmingham Aberystwyth Cambridge Ipswich Oxford Gloucester Swansea Cardiff Bristol Reading London Dover Brighton Southhampton Exeter Plymouth

This map is reproduced here courtesy of the School of Earth Sciences and Geography, Keele University.

The scale helps us understand geological time. Learn more looking at the map.

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The interactive map - where do you live?

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