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You've opened the drawer that holds all the answers. If you've tried to guess what it is in the drawers already, scroll down and see the A to Z collection.

Ammonite Bug Crab

A is for Ammonite          B is for Bug          C is for Crab

Dung beetle Egg Fish

D is for Dung beetle          E is for Egg          F is for Fish

Gypsum Hematite Ichthyosaur

G is for Gypsum          H is for Hematite          I is for Ichthyosaur

Jewel beetle Kaolin Limestone

J is for Jewel beetle          K is for Kaolin          L is for Limestone

Mollusc Nest Ostrich eggshell

M is for Mollusc          N is for Nest          O is for Ostrich

Pyrite Quartz Rabbit

P is for Pyrite          Q is for Quartz         R is for Rabbit

Pyrite Trilobite Vertebra

S is for Starfish          T is for Trilobite         U, V is for Vertebra

Wasp Zebra butterfly

W is for Wasp         X, Y, Z is for Zebra butterfly

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