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Do you want to play a game?

These games have been gathered together from right across the learning zone, and test your knowledge of all sorts of things. They should be very easy to use, but if you have any problems contact us to let us know.

Interactive games - play them online!

Rocky's rock cycle games      Mineral mix and match      Animal I.D.      A is for...

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Print out and play

Before you can start playing these games you need to print them out. You may need to download a programme called Adobe reader to view them properly.

Mineral mastermind!
Mineral top trumps, with blank cards for you to fill in for yourself.
Animal alphabet adventure
A tricky word search from the animal kingdom.
A twist in time!!!
A board game to print out, colour and play.
Museum memory
Test your memory with this challenging card game.
Prehistoric pursuit
Another word search - do you know your dinosaurs?

If you are having trouble downloading the games using Adobe reader, we have provided a games pack in a different format, which should print out anywhere!
Download a games pack


These have been taken from different parts of the learning zone and test you on your knowledge of a range of subjects. If you are having trouble answering the questions, it may be an idea to have a look at the section the quiz came from.

Mrs Nerg's living animal quiz
Do you know the different life processes of animals? From 'The living animal'
Invertebrate I.Q.
Can you identify the commonest fossils? From 'Invertebrate I.D.'
The mineral quiz
Do you know what a mineral actually is? From 'What is a mineral?'