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Some of the fishiest jokes around!

Jokes all about fish, shellfish, starfish, whales, sharks, and everything else under the sea!

Where do fish keep their money?
In the river bank.

Why is it so easy to weigh fish?
Because they come with their own scales.

Why did the whale cross the road?
To get to the other tide!

What happened to the shark who swallowed a bunch of keys?
He got lockjaw.

Why did the lobster blush?
Because the sea-weed.

What lies on the sea bed and shakes?
A nervous wreck

What fish goes out at night?
A starfish!

What did one rock pool say to the other rock pool?
Show me your mussels.

Fish and an octopus

Do you have any good fishy jokes?

What did the mummy sardine say to her children when they saw a submarine?
Don't worry, it's only a tin of people.

What do you call a man-eating mackerel?

Why did the shellfish go to the gym?
To get stronger mussels.


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