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Are you planning to visit the Museum?

If so, you can print out one of our trails and bring it with you to complete while you're here. The trails guide you around the Museum and ask you questions about the exhibits.

So print one out and have a go!

Doris the dodo

Dinosaur Detective Trail
Track down the Museumís dinosaurs and tick off each one as you find it.

Creature Colours Trail
Why is a peacock so pretty? Why does a toad need a brightly coloured belly? Find out in our camouflage and colouration trail. Best for children 6+

Breathtaking Birds Trail
Explore the Museumís beautiful and bizarre birds; from the famous dodo to the adventurous swift. Simply tick off once youíve tracked them down.

Museum Dice Trail
A fun counting trail around the Museum with a dice to make when you get home. Best for younger children.

We do try to keep all of the trails up to date, however, the Museum is changing all the time. If you are having problems finding a specimen please ask at the front desk. To print out your trail you may need to download a programme called Adobe reader.