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Are you planning to visit the Museum?

If so, you can print out one of our trails and bring it with you to complete while you're here. The trails guide you around the Museum and ask you questions about the exhibits. Each one deals with a particular subject.

So print one out and have a go!

Before you come to the Museum you need to print out your trail. You may need to download a programme called Adobe reader to view them properly.

Doris the dodo

Incredible insects
Find out all about the minibeasts of the Museum.
Scavenge hunt
One for the littlies.
Measuring the Museum
Bring a tape measure or ruler and get measuring.
Fantastic fossils
Dinosaurs and a whole lot more.
Marvellous mammals...
Find out all about the mammals and birds on display.

If you are having trouble downloading the trails using Adobe reader, we have provided a trails pack in a different format, which should print out anywhere!
Download a trail pack

We do try to keep all of the trails up to date, however, the Museum is changing all the time. If you are having problems finding a specimen please ask at the front desk.