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Hints and tips for using the site

We hope you don't have too much trouble finding your way around the learning zone, but just in case, the following lists a few hints and tips that may be of help when using the site.

The learning zone is divided into different sections - animals, fossils, insects etc. You can navigate between sections by clicking on the coloured banner at the top of every page (pictured below). Each section has its own colour, and the banner should change colour as you move between sections. Links within the text are also coloured in this way, so you can spot them easily.

Top banner

Each section has its own homepage. The homepage lists the pages or topics that are held within that section - just click on the subject you want to find out more about. The example below shows the funstuff homepage which lists games, trails, jokes, and art and crafts pages.

Funstuff homepage

You may sometimes see more links at the bottom of a page. these will help you find your way within a smaller section of the site. In the example below you can move between the jokes homepage and the other jokes pages. Most of the important instructions and facts within the learning zone can be found in these yellow boxes.

Navigation within the jokes pages

Links to the site search, site map and other useful pages are found in the footer at the very bottom of the page. If you cannot find an item you think should be in the learning zone, try searching the site.