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Mineral colour

Green minerals
Aquamarine Beryl? That's a funny name for a mineral isn't it? But you may have heard of the more precious variety of beryl - the gemstone, emerald. Emerald's intense green colour is caused by tiny amounts of the metal chromium. Traces of iron, on the other hand, can cause beryl to have a beautiful blue-green colour, and we call this variety aquamarine.

The copper mineral malachite is often used as a semi-precious stone in jewellery. It is named after the Greek word for 'mallow', a green herb, and its banded colours can make beautiful patterns. Other minerals, like datolite, pyromorphite, and some opals can be different shades of green.

Emerald Malachite Pyromorphite
Aquamarine (top right), emerald, malachite and pyromorphite are green minerals.

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