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Mineral mastermind!

Mineral mastermind cards Get your mineral mastermind working!
Mineral mastermind is a simple card game for two or more people that will help you learn more about minerals.

Print mineral mastermind!

You may need to download a programme called Adobe reader to view it properly. If you are having trouble downloading the games using Adobe reader, we have provided a games pack in a different format, which should print out anywhere!

Download a games pack

To play:

1. Print out the pages, stick them to thick cardboard, and cut out each card. There are 'key' cards, and blanks if you want to make your own cards up.
2. Shuffle the pack and deal out all of the cards, face down, between all of the players.
3. Each player holds their cards so that they can see their top card only.
4. A player starts the game by reading out a fact from their card. The other players then read out the same fact on their top card.
5. The player with the best or highest value fact wins all of the cards used in that round and places all of them, including their own, to the bottom of their pile.
6.The winning player then chooses a fact from their next card, and so on.
7. If there is a draw in any round - that is 2 or more cards share the same top value - all competing cards are placed in the middle and the same player chooses again from their next card. The winner of this hand takes all of the cards, including the ones in the middle.
8. The person who wins all of the cards from the other players is the WINNER!

If you have played mineral mastermind and want to learn more about minerals, why don't you have another look at the mineral detectives pages.

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