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Take a closer look

Stop! Don't go any further! To identify a mineral, you must first look at it carefully! Many of its properties can be discovered just by careful observation.

You can also use a magnifying glass or a hand lens to see more detail in your mineral. You may see some structures that you could miss with the naked eye.

Using a magnifying glass and a hand lens

How to use a hand lens
A hand lens is an essential piece of equipment for all geologists (people who study rocks and minerals). When using a hand lens, hold the lens to your eye and move the specimen into focus. Keep the specimen in a good light.

A hand lens A light bulb

To use a hand lens properly you need to look at your mineral in good light.

Ernest the mineral detective To find out about minerals you should Take a closer look, and then find out about some of their properties...

Colour Light
Lustre Streak
Crystal shape Hardness
Cleavage and fracture Heaviness
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