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Neat and tidy ...

Krystal admires cleans her teeth Minerals keep us looking good.

We all have clean clothes, brush our teeth, and try to look good. Minerals are very important in keeping us neat and tidy!

There are lots of places you can find minerals in your bathroom and on your dressing table.

Scroll down and find out more about the minerals you use to keep neat and tidy.

Emery boards
Emery boards Many people use emery boards to keep their nails neat and tidy. 'Emery' is a fine-grained natural mixture of the minerals corundum and magnetite.

Among natural substances only diamond is harder than corundum. It doesn't look like much here, but did you know rubies and sapphires are also varieties of corundum?

Think about the properties of corundum:

You can see why we make emery boards from corundum.
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Washing powder
Washing powder and soda crystals Every type of washing powder promises to give you clean and bright clothes, but they wouldn't be able to without minerals. The zeolites are a group of minerals used in washing powders to soften 'hard' water.

The mineral halite (table salt) is used to make the soda crystals that we use to remove stubborn grease stains.

Think about the properties of salt:

You can see why we use salt in the laundry.
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Toothpaste Toothpaste
How white are your pearly whites?
The fluoride in toothpastes is a chemical made from the mineral fluorite. It is thought that fluoride reduces tooth decay, so if you clean your teeth every day, you shouldn't need fillings the next time you go to the dentist!

Think about the properties of fluorite:

You can see why we make toothpaste using fluorite.
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Talcum powder and cosmetics
Talcum powder and cosmetics To keep fresh and smelling sweet many people dust themselves with talcum powder. As you can guess, talcum powder is made by grinding the mineral talc into a fine powder and mixing it with perfume.

Think about the properties of talc:

You can see why talc makes a good powder.

Talc is also used as a base for powders and other types of cosmetic. Another mineral called mica is ground up to add glitter to lipsticks and nail varnish.

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Watches and jewellery
Watch and jewellery The strap and casing of some watches are made of metal, and small quartz crystals help to regulate their timing.

Gold and silver are used to make all types of jewellery. Diamonds, rubies, opals, sapphires and emeralds are some of the most expensive minerals on earth, and are admired for their colour and sparkle.

Think about the properties of gold:

You can see why we use gold to make jewellery.
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