Schools and teachers: Key Stage 4

This session offers students the opportunity to handle Museum specimens and take part in a range of object-based activities involving group-work and discussion.

In addition to the workshop below we are happy to tailor sessions for your students and curriculum needs including Religious Studies . Please contact us on

Sessions can be combined with a visit to the Botanic Garden or the Museum of the History of Science

KS4 students explore the collections

Natural History Investigators
Each year the Museum runs a club for KS4 students. Investigators interested in the natural world have an opportunity to pursue an extended project of their choice. Investigators meet on Saturdays from 10.30am to 12.30pm for 10 weeks. Investigators have access to special Museum objects and experts in the field. Investigators can submit their work for a British Science Association CREST award.
For more information about the next course and an application form contact

Our Place in Evolution
Why was Darwin such a famous and controversial figure? Museum specimens are used to tell Darwin’s story and explain the strength of his ideas. Students have an opportunity to handle replica skulls of early human ancestors and figure out how we use different types of scientific evidence to fill in the gaps of our own evolution story. ‘Our Place in Evolution’ teacher sheet

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