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What are kingdoms?

To help us understand the number of living things on the planet, scientists organise them into groups, like 'the animals' or 'the plants'. This is called classification.

To start with, all living things are divided into large groups called 'kingdoms'. Scientists haven't quite agreed how many kingdoms there are, but many think that there are five: the monera, the protoctista, the plants, the fungi and the animals.

You probably know about the plants, animals and fungi (like mushrooms and yeast), but the monera and the protoctista may be new to you.
Click on the kingdoms below to find out more about each group.

The five kingdoms of life The kingdom monera The kingdom protoctista The kingdom fungi The kingdom plantae The kingdom animalia

Now that you've got the idea of kingdoms, you can now go on to find out more about further levels of classification. The rest of Animal I.D. explores classification of the animal kingdom.

Can you answer these questions? Click on a question to discover the answer.

How many living things are there on the planet?
What are kingdoms?
How do scientists classify living things?
How do we divide the animal kingdom?
What is the tree of life?

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