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The passenger pigeon

Passenger pigeon Fact file

Name: Passenger pigeon
Status: Extinct

Habitat: Passenger pigeons were once found in huge numbers across North America.

Description: Looks rather like the common pigeons you see in the street every day.

Reasons for extinction:
In the 17th and 18th centuries passenger pigeons were everywhere - they were so common that when they began to migrate they blackened the skies - blocking out the sun for hours or even whole days! They were probably the most common bird on the whole planet until about 300 years ago. But, by 1912, rewards were being given to people who could find any evidence of these birds living in the wild. The last bird, called 'Martha', died in a zoo in 1914.
How could this happen? Well, they were hunted - but it wasn't just hunting that caused their extinction. You see, the passenger pigeon needed to nest and raise their chicks around lots of other pigeons. So, when their numbers began to decline because of hunting, they became unable to breed properly. This made the population fragile, and when humans hunted them further, shooting and trapping them, they managed to exterminate the entire species.

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The image of Martha (top row, centre) © 1993 Smithsonian Institution

Passenger pigeon Martha, the last passenger pigeon Carolina parakeet
Crowned pigeon Rock dove Dodo model

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