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Know your bugs

Bert the beetle

Hi, my name is Bert.
I am a beetle. You can tell I'm a beetle because I have large biting jaws and two sets of wings. There are lots of different bugs out there, and not all of them are insects like me. If you have found a bug you want to identify, and you are not sure what it is, why not try our key?

All of the bugs in the pictures are arthropods.
They have an exoskeleton and jointed legs.
How many legs does your bug have?

Insects have six legs    Spiders have eight legs    Woodlice have fourteen legs    Centipedes and millipedes have many legs

Six legs?          Eight legs?          Fourteen legs?          Many legs?

Got an insect you want to identify now?
For a quick look at all the insect groups, have a look at Instant I.D.