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Transport and technology ...

Krystal in a car Minerals play a role in modern technology.

Look at your computer. Is it working properly? Yes, well you can thank minerals for that!

There are lots of places you can find minerals in technology.

Scroll down and find out more about the minerals you can find in transport and technology.

Cars - building a car
A car Many minerals are needed to make a car. Iron is used to make steel. It makes up the bulk of the car, and comes from minerals like magnetite and hematite.

Think about the properties of cars:

You can see why we make cars from steel.

Bumpers, badges, and door handles are often coated in chromium to prevent them rusting - this comes from the mineral chromite.

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Photo courtesy of the Isle of Wight Morris Minors Club

Cars - starting and stopping
Petrol pump and brake pads Up until recently, lead was added to the petrol used to power car engines. Galena is the main ore of lead, but because we now know lead is quite poisonous, we do not use it much any more.

Car brakes can be made from asbestos minerals. But we now know that asbestos is bad for us well. Researchers are working on a replacement for asbestos in brake pads and other fixtures.

Think about the properties of asbestos:

You can see why we make brakes from asbestos.
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Aeroplanes Aeroplane
Two metals, aluminium and titanium, are used a lot in aeroplanes because they are lightweight and strong. Aluminium comes from a material called bauxite. Titanium comes from minerals called rutile and ilmenite.

Titanium is also important in space flight, as it is used a lot in the manufacture of space shuttles.

Think about the properties of aluminium and titanium:

You can see why we make aeroplanes from these metals.
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Photo courtesy of the Airliner Gallery

Electronic components Gold is used in electronics. It conducts electricity very well and is very flexible, twisting easily into fine wires. It is used to make electronic circuit boards and other components.

Think about the properties of gold:

Mica is also used in electronics. Muscovite mica is used to make electrical capacitors and high temperature insulators.

Think about the properties of mica:

You can see why we use gold and mica in electronics.
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A computer Modern computers rely on the silicon chip to process information. The mineral quartz contains silicon, and is of great importance in electronics.

You may not see the inside of a computer, but the screen you are now staring at is made of quartz as well. Glass is made from quartz sand.

Think about the properties of quartz:

You can see why we use quartz to make computer screens.
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