Corsi Collection of Decorative Stones



By order of the Reverend Father, Pro-Maestro of the Santo Palazzo, Apostolico, I have examined this 'Catalogue Raisonne of Decorative Stones', and find no reason to object to its publication. On the contrary I regard it as useful to all lovers of archaeological research.

Rome, November 13th. 1825.

A. Nibby Professor of Archaeology in the Chief

Gymnasium, and member of the Philological College.

Commissioned by the Reverend Father, Pro-Maestro of the Santo Palazzo Apostolico, to read the 'Catalogue Raisonne of decorative Stones'. I find nothing in it contrary to religion and good morals. On the other hand I know that this work on lithology published with approval, will be equally useful to science and art.

From the Convent of St. Augustine, December 12th 1825.

Dr. Tommaso Maria Moralia Agostiano.


Fr. Th. Dominicus Piazza O.P.S.P.A. Pro. Mag.


J. Della Porta Patriacha Contantinop. Vicesg.