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Corsi 166, approx. 145 x 73 x 40 mm, © Oxford University Museum of Natural History

OUMNH Number: 166  
Name and quarry location: Diaspro tenero di Sicilia, libeccio, from Feudo Lalia, Alia, Palermo, Sicily, Italy  
Geological description: Heavily fractured stylolitised birds-eye limestone with extensive fenestral fabric (calcite-filled vugs). Matrix is fossiliferous peloidal micrite/microspar.  
Comments: The modern town of Alia is built on the old medieval feudo of Lalia. However this may not be relevent to the specimen. All Corsi's localities for the 'soft jaspers of Sicily' are derived from the descriptions given in Borch 'Lythologie Sicilienne', 1778.  
References: Borch (1778) 130-161; Corsi (1845) 155-156; Dubarry de Lassale (2005) 290; Evangelista (1998); Montana (1998) 64-68; Price (2007) 150-151  
Further information:

Corsi's classification: Class 1. Marbles; Section 2. Veined marbles; Species 11. Soft jaspers of Sicily  
Corsi's text: 67.6 Diaspro tenero di Sicilia. Verdastro di Lalia  

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