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Corsi 418, approx. 145 x 73 x 40 mm, © Oxford University Museum of Natural History

OUMNH Number: 418  
Name and quarry location: Grand antique, bianco e nero antico, from Lez valley, Aubert, near St Girons, Hautes-Pyrénées, France  
Geological description: Black limestone breccia with calcite-filled voids and fractures. Some beige coloured areas are fossiliferous clasts and margins to black clasts.  
Comments: Although it has been suggested that this is from Carrara in Tuscany we believe it is a rather grey form of grand antique from France. See no. 125.  
References: Antonelli (2002b) 270-273; Borghini (1997) 154-156; Corsi (1845) 110, 150; Dubarry de Lassale (2000) 234-235; Mielsch (1985) 57, taf.16; Price (2007) 82-83; Rogers (2008) 52-53; Watson (1916) 115-116; Zoppas (a) 174  
Further information:

Corsi's classification: Class 1. Marbles; Section 5. Breccias; i. Antique Breccias  
Corsi's text: 115.30 Breccia bianca e nera  

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