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Corsi 933, approx. 145 x 73 x 40 mm, © Oxford University Museum of Natural History

OUMNH Number: 933  
Name and quarry location: probably Egyptian alabaster, alabastro cotognino, from one of several quarries at Hatnub, Mallawi, and other locations in the Nile valley, Eastern desert, Egypt.  
Geological description: Compact banded travertine composed of fairly coarse-grained calcite, extensively iron-stained and with red ferruginous veins.  
Comments: The specimen is cut parallel to the bedding so the banding is only seen on the sides of the sample. The specimen is rather more ferruginous than is usually the case for Egyptian alabaster. See other examples in Corsi's collection.  
References: Borghini (1997) 140-141; Corsi (1845) 123-131; Harrell (2010b); Lazzarini (2002c) 241-243; Merrill (1893); Mielsch (1985) 37, taf.1; Nicholson & Shaw (2000); Price (2007) 48-49; Watson (1916) 362-364  
Further information: Alabaster-travertine.pdf

Corsi's classification: Class 1. Marbles; Section 4. Concretionary marbles; Species 1. Alabasters; i. Antique alabaster  
Corsi's text: 98.51/ S16.11 Alabastro antico. Marmor Alabastrum. Alabastro cotognino ... trovarsi presso Damasco nella Siria oggi Soria. Per la vicinanza poi di quella Provincia all'Arabia Felice si è chimato Arabico.  

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