Families: family friendly events

Summer holiday trail

All going on a summer holiday
What will you pack? Who will you meet? A sensory trail with lots of things to see, hear and touch.
Drop-in during opening hours
Saturday 18 July - Monday 31 August

Family Friendly Sundays

Bags of Fun
Borrow a backpack full of activities and become a family of museum explorers.
Families, drop in
Every Tuesday 21 July - 25 August, 2pm 4pm

Afternoon Explorers

Afternoon Explorers: Whales
Find out more about these amazing ocean mammals and enjoy some whale-inspired craft activities.
Families, drop in
Monday 24 August, 1pm 4pm

Family Friendly Sundays

Family Friendly Sundays
Try a trail, borrow a backpack, make something exciting to take home or have a rummage in our special sorting boxes.
Free, drop in
Every Sunday, 2pm 4pm

All the Oxford University Museums offer family friendly activities. To find out about current events download:
The Oxford University Museums family friendly leaflet (PDF)


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