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Special Events

Afternoon Explorers

Afternoon Explorers: Creature Colours
Look at museum specimens to see the rainbow of colour in the animal kingdom. Make a colourful peacock headdress and find out why its plumage is so eye-catching!
Monday 24th July 1 - 4pm, drop-in

Afternoon Explorers

Afternoon Explorers: Funny Feet
Discover more about paws, claws, toes, and flippers of animals from all over the world. Make a pair of funny feet to wear.
Monday 7th August 1 - 4pm, drop-in

Word Detectives

Word Detectives with ReadOxford
Meet ReadOxford - the word scientists behind the Word Detective game in the Brain Diaries exhibition. Take part in real experiments and help us understand more about how our brains process language.
Thursday 10th & Friday 11th August, 10am - 4pm, drop-in

Afternoon Explorers

Afternoon Explorers: Rascally Reptiles
Get a close look at some of our rascally reptiles but don’t get too close to the crocodile! Take part in craft activities and see some of our scaly friends.
Monday 21st August 1 - 4pm, drop-in

Regular Events

Spotlight Specimens

Spotlight Specimens
An informal specimen show-and-tell under the T. Rex. Ask questions and chat with Museum experts.
All ages
Monday - Thursday at 2.30pm

Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique
A chance to listen to scientists talk about their current work and its implications for society over a glass of wine.
Café Scientifique
Suitable for adults
7.30 - 9pm on the second Tuesday of every month

Science Saturdays

Science Saturdays
Come and investigate real natural history specimens with university scientists.
Families, recommended for 8+, drop in
Every Saturday from 29th April – 17th June, 2pm – 4pm
There will be no Science Saturday on 3rd June

Architecture Tours

Architecture Tours
Take a free volunteer-led tour to learn about the Museum's Grade 1 listed Neo-Gothic building.
Every Friday, 2.30pm and 3.15pm

Family Friendly Sundays

Family Friendly Sundays
Family Friendly trails, crafts, backpacks and more, all provided by Museum volunteers.
Families, drop in.
Every Sunday, 2pm – 4pm

Big Stars

Big Stars & Little Secrets
Decide which of the Natural History’s biggest stars is your favourite, then discover the best-kept secrets in the Pitt Rivers Museum with this fun family trail.
22nd July - 2nd September

Bags of Fun

Bags of Fun
Borrow a backpack full of activities and become a family of museum explorers.
Every Tuesday 25th July - 29th August


Brain Diaries

Brain Diaries
Throughout your life, your brain undergoes extraordinary changes, and makes you the person you are. The Brain Diaries exhibition and event programme reveal how the latest neuroscience is transforming what we know about our brains, from birth to the end of life.
From 10th March - 31st December

Lyell collection shells

Charles Lyell
‘Presenting…’ is a small and changing display of treasures from the Museum’s collection. The current display is about Charles Lyell. Lyell's most influential work, Principles of Geology, was first published in 1830. This museum holds a collection of tens of thousands of Lyell’s fossil mollusc shells, shark teeth and other vertebrate remains.
From 23rd March - 21st May

Lyell collection shells

Delightful Dung Beetles
‘Presenting…’ is a small and changing display of treasures from the Museum’s collection. The next display will be about dung beetles. Dung beetles have been revered since Ancient Egyptian times and are now recognised as an ecologically and economically important group of insects.
From 22nd May - 17th July

Sensing Evolution

Sensing Evolution
Our touchable tables are back and better than ever. Now themed around evolution, you can explore how mammals and reptiles have adapted to live in a huge variety of environments.
New permanent exhibition in the main court

All of the Oxford University Museums offer family friendly activities.

Enquiries regarding events at the Museum should be sent to: info@oum.ox.ac.uk

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