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Derek Siveter

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Research summary

My research concerns the palaeobiology of fossil invertebrates, in particular fossil arthropods. Investigations are focussed on the faunas of the Herefordshire (Silurian; UK) and the Chengjiang (Cambrian; Yunnan Province, China) Konservat-Lagerstätten.

Derek Siveter introduces the World Heritage Chengjiang, Yunnan, fossil site to Oxford alumni in China and beyond.
Oxford and Chengjiang: Pre-historic ties


Selected publications

Hou X-G., Williams, M., Siveter, David J., Siveter, Derek J., Aldridge R. J. & Sansom, R. S. 2010. Soft-part anatomy of the Early Cambrian bivalved arthropods Kunyangella and Kunmingella: significance for the phylogenetic relationships of Bradoriida. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 277, 1835-1841.

Sutton, M.D., Briggs, D.E.G., Siveter, David J. & Siveter, Derek J.. 2010. A soft-bodied lophophorate from the Silurian of England. Biology Letters, Royal Society of London 7, 146-149.

Sea spider Haliestes dasos (virtual fossil), pycnogonid (sea spider), Silurian Herefordshire.

Siveter, Derek J., Selden P. A. & Palmer, D. 2010. Pre-Carboniferous fossil arthropods, 47-110. In Jarzembowski, E., Siveter, D. J., Palmer, D. and Selden, P. A., Fossil arthropods of Great Britain, 294 pp. Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough.

Hou, X-G., Aldridge, R.J., Siveter, David J., Siveter, Derek J., Williams, M., Zalasiewicz, J. & Ma, X-Y. 2011. An early Cambrian zooid. Current Biology 21, 612-616.

Briggs, D. E. G., Siveter, Derek J., Siveter, David J., Sutton, M. D., Garwood, R. J. & Legg, D. 2012. Silurian horseshoe crab illuminates the evolution of arthropod limbs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 15702-15705.

Ma, X-Y., Hou, X-G., Aldridge, R. J., Siveter, David J., Siveter, Derek J., Gabbott, S. J., Purnell, M. A., Parker, A. R. & Edgecombe, G. D. 2012. Morphology of Cambrian lobopodian eyes from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte and their evolutionary significance. Arthropod structure & development 41, 495-504.

Sutton, M. D., Briggs, D. E. G., Siveter, David J., Siveter, Derek J. & Sigwart, J. D. 2012. A Silurian armoured aplacophoran and implications for molluscan phylogeny. Nature 490, 94-97.

Siveter, David J., Briggs, D. E. G., Siveter, Derek J., Sutton, M. D. & Joomun, S. C. 2013. A Silurian myodocope with preserved soft parts: cautioning the interpretation of the shell-based ostracod record. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 280, 1752 20122664.

Ma, X-Y., Aldridge, R. J., Siveter, David J., Siveter, Derek J., Hou, X-G. & Edgecombe, G. D. A new exceptionally preserved Cambrian priapulid from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte (in press). Journal of Paleontology.

Siveter, Derek J., Briggs, D. E. G., Siveter, D. J., Sutton, M. D., Legg, D. & Joomun, S. C. A Silurian short-great-appendage arthropod. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 281, doi:10.1098/rspb.2013.2986 (published online 22 January 2014).


Synophalos xynos, crustacean, chain of specimens, two interlocked specimens, and solitary individual, Lower Cambrian, Chengjiang

The Geological Society, London (Fellow)
The Palaeontological Association


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