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Sammy De Grave

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Research summary

My research is concerned with the systematics of caridean shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda) in the broadest sense, ranging from alpha-level species taxonomy through to family level systematics, with forays into biogeography, faunistics, comparative morphology, ecology and conservation. Field work plays a prominent role, with recent expeditions in many locales in the Caribbean as well as the Indo-Pacific. As a result the OUMNH caridean collections are one of the largest in the world, offering significant scope for comparative morphology work, with SEM being the tool of choice.

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PhD, Taxonomy and systematics of caridean shrimps from Papua New Guinea (University College Cork - National University of Ireland, Cork, 1999)

Selected Publications

De Grave S., N.D. Pentcheff, S.T. Ahyong, T.-Y.Chan, K.A. Crandall, P. C. Dworschak, D.L. Felder, R.M. Feldmann, C.H.J.M. Fransen, L.Y.D. Goulding, R. Lemaitre, M.E.Y. Low, J.W. Martin, P.K.L. Ng, C.E. Schweitzer, S.H. Tan, D. Tshudy & R. Wetzer. 2009. A classification of living and fossil genera of decapod crustaceans. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, Suppl. 21: 1-109.

De Grave, S. & C.H.J.M. Fransen (2010) (eds.) Contributions to shrimp taxonomy. Zootaxa 2372: 1- 414.

Salmoneus degravei Salmoneus degravei Anker, 2010

Fransen, C.H.J.M., De Grave, S. & Ng, P.K.L. (eds.) 2010. Studies on Malacostraca: Lipke Bijdeley Holthuis Memorial Volume, Crustaceana Monographs, 14: 1-754.

Bracken, H., S. De Grave, A. Toon, D.L. Felder & K.A. Crandall (2010) Phylogenetic position, systematic status, and divergence time of the Procarididea (Crustacea: Decapoda). Zoologica Scripta 39: 198-212.

De Grave, S. & L.Y.D. Goulding (2011) Comparative morphology of the carpo-propodal brush in caridean shrimps. Zoologische Anzeiger, 250: 280-301

Li, C.P., S. De Grave, Lei, H.C. T.-Y. Chan & K.H. Chu (2011). Molecular systematics of caridean shrimps based on five nuclear genes: Implications for superfamily classification. Zoologischer Anzeiger, 250: 270-279

De Grave, S., & C.H.J.M. Fransen (2011) Carideorum Catalogus: The recent species of the dendrobranchiate, stenopodidean, procarididean and caridean shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda). Zoologische Mededelingen, 85: 195-589.

Pandalus spp., Tsukiji fish market Pandalus spp., Tsukiji fish market

Ashelby, C.W., T.J. Page, S. De Grave, J.M. Hughes & M.L. Johnson (2012). Regional scale speciation drives multiple invasions of freshwater in Palaemoninae (Decapoda). Zoologica Scripta, 41: 293-306.

Ashelby CW, S De Grave & MJ Johnson (2013). The global invader Palaemon macrodactylus: an interrogation of records and a synthesis of data. Crustaceana, 86: 594-624.

De Grave, S. & CW Ashelby (2013). A re-appraisal of the systematic status of selected genera in Palaemoninae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae). Zootaxa, 3734: 331-344.

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