Earth Collections: How to use the databases

The databases can be searched on any one or combination of the fields on the form. If two or more search criteria are entered, the search will return only those records that match all the criteria.

Bivalve from the collection

The search is not case-sensitive.

If only part of the field is entered, the search will return all the records that have any data that match the search criteria. For example, searching for 'Chard' in the locality field in the Fossil Types database will return specimens from all localities that include the word 'chard' anywhere within their locality details. So specimens from Chard in Somerset would be returned along with, for example, specimens from Orchard Quarry in Oxfordshire.

In the Fossil Types database it is also possible to restrict the selection of records to those that have associated images.

A summary table of search results for the selected records is then returned. It is then possible to view full specimen details for any record in the summary table by clicking on the appropriate reference number.

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