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This table lists the groups of rocks in the Wager collection. A further table lists the rocks brought back from Wager's Everest expedtion.

The Wager collection
Wager's Everest collection

The Wager collection

MUG No. Specimen No. Type of material Locality Donor/ Collector Register
418 T 1-24 Volcanic rocks Hawaii Wentworth Temp. Colls. I
419 T 31-44 Volcanic rocks Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA Williams Temp. Colls. I
422 T 63-65 Ferrodiorite from the Bushveld Complex South Africa Lombaard Temp. Colls. I
424 T 67 Fayalite-rich gabbro Herzberg, Germany Ramdohr Temp. Colls. I
427 T 70-72 Augite-syenite from the Illimaussaq intrusion W Greenland Hamilton Temp. Colls. I
428 T 73-75 Igneous rocks Ubekendt Ejland, W Greenland Drever Temp. Colls. I
429 T 101-141 Schists & other rocks W Eire Wager Temp. Colls. I
430 T 144-151 Greensands Farringdon, Oxfordshire, England Wager Temp. Colls. I
431 T 155-156 Sedimentary rocks W Yorkshire, England Wager Temp. Colls. I
432 T 157-169 Tertiary volcanic rocks NE Ireland Patterson Temp. Colls. I
433 T 170 Peridotite in lava Spitzbergen, Norway Hoel Temp. Colls. I
436 T 215-223 Volcanic rocks Iceland Robson Temp. Colls. I
437 T 224-225 Granites (analysed), Western Centre, Mourne Mts. intrusion Down, N Ireland Emeleus Temp. Colls. I
438 T 226-227 Rhyolites Tardree Mt., Antrim N Ireland Queens Univ. Temp. Colls. I
439 T 228-241 Schists Mayo, W Ireland Currall Temp. Colls. I
441 T 261-279 Volcanic rocks Hakone volcano, Japan Kuno Temp. Colls. I
442 T 280-297 Alkaline and associated igneous rocks Kola, Russia Williams Temp. Colls. I
443 T 298-300 Igneous & sedimentary rocks NE England Wager Temp. Colls. I
444 T 301-317 Minerals N Wales Wager Temp. Colls. I
447 T 336 Dunite New Zealand Ross Temp. Colls. I
448 T 337 Granophyre Pennsylvania, USA Buddington Temp. Colls. I
449 T 338-347 Dunite-, peridotite- & gabbro-cored bombs Mauna Kea, Hawaii Fraser (GD) Temp. Colls. I
450 T 348-369 Igneous rocks Auvergne, France Wager Temp. Colls. I
456 T 401-462 Igneous rocks from the Bushveld Complex South Africa Ahrens Temp. Colls. I
457 T 463 Hypabyssal rock, Ratho Sill Edinburgh, Scotland Walton Temp. Colls. I
458 T 464 Olivine-basalt nodules Kidlaw, Scotland MacGregor Temp. Colls. I
459 T 465-471 Igneous rocks from the Palisades Sill New Jersey, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
460 T 472-479 Rocks from the Lambertville Sill New Jersey, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
461 T 480-481 Rocks and minerals Franklin Mine Dumps, New Jersey, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
462 T 482-492 Metamorphic & igneous rocks New Jersey Highlands, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
463 T 493-495 Minerals Franklin Mine Dumps, New Jersey, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
464 T 496-533 Rocks from the Sudbury Complex Ontario, Canada Wager, Langford, Colgrove, Mutch Temp. Colls. II
465 T 534 Granophyre from the Gettysburg Sill Pennsylvania, USA Hotz Temp. Colls. II
466 T 535 Dolerite pegmatite vein Palolo Quarry, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Kuno Temp. Colls. II
467 T 541-651 Rocks Alps Wager Temp. Colls. II
468 T 701-774 Volcanic rocks St Vincent Wager Temp. Colls. II
469 T 779-790 Volcanic rocks St Lucia Wager Temp. Colls. II
470 T 791-809 Volcanic rocks St Kitts Wager Temp. Colls. II
471 T 810-822 Volcanic rocks Nevis Wager Temp. Colls. II
472 T 822-842 Volcanic rocks Montserrat Wager Temp. Colls. II
473 T 843-847 Volcanic rocks Martinique Wager Temp. Colls. II
474 T 851-877 Volcanic rocks St Kitts Wager, Robson Temp. Colls. II
475 T 878-882 Volcanic rocks Grenadines Martin-Kaye Temp. Colls. II
476 T 883-914 Volcanic rocks St Vincent Baker Temp. Colls. II
478 T 951-968 Rocks Gatineau, Quebec Wager Temp. Colls. II
479 T 969-974 Rookhope borehole - 4-fathom cyclotherm N England Dunham Temp. Colls. II
480 T 975-978 Rocks from Willow Lake intrusion Oregon, USA Taubeneck Temp. Colls. II
481 T 979-983 Volcanic rocks N Berwick area, Scotland Wager Temp. Colls. II
482 T 984-996 Rocks for petrography from the Lovozersk Massif alkali complex Kola, Russia Tschuchrov Temp. Colls. II
483 T 977-1020 Rocks Cornwall Magnetite Mine, Pennsylvania, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
484 T 1021-1034 Volcanic rocks Japan Robson Temp. Colls. II
485 T 1035-1059 Rocks (analysed) from the Werner Bjerge alkali complex E Greenland Bearth, Wenk Temp. Colls. II
486 T 1060-1066 Igneous rocks from the RV Chain expedition. Atlantic Seabed Nicholls Temp. Colls. II
487 T 1067-1073 Rocks from the Beagle Collection, Cambridge St Paul's Rocks (Atlantic) Agrell Temp. Colls. II
488 T 1074 Rhyolite Iran Falcon, Schürmann Temp. Colls. II
489 T 1075 Pumice Campo Bianco, Lipari, Italy Baker Temp. Colls. II
490 T 1077 Eskolaite Outokumpu, Finland Sahama Temp. Colls. II
491 T 1114-1207 Rocks California & Oregon, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
492 T 1211-1265 Alkaline igneous rocks S & Cent. Sweden Wager Temp. Colls. II
493 T 1266-1392 Volcanic rocks St Vincent Tomblin, Baker, Robson Temp. Colls. II
494 T 1393-1400 Volcanic rocks Hawaii, USA Wager Temp. Colls. II
498 EG 1-4118 Rocks E Greenland, including Skaergaard and Kangerdlugssuaq Wager E Greenland, Skaergaard & Kangerdlugssuaq
501 H 3335-3502 Rocks St Kilda Wager St Kilda
502 S 1-110 Rocks Norway Wager Temp. Colls. I
504 W 1-30 Rocks from 'biotite problem' project Shap, Cumbria, England Wager Temp. Colls. I
506 various 393-1577 Rocks (Durham Coll., 1949) N England Wager Temp. Colls. I
507 various 421-474 Rocks (Reading Coll., 1937/9) Cumbria, England Wager Temp. Colls. I
508 H 3001-3133, 3335-3502, 3693-3723, 3736-3790 Rocks Hebrides, including Ardnamurchan, Mull, Raasay, Soay, Rum Wager Hebrides
509 H 3671-3685 Metamorphic rocks, Lewisian, Moinian, Torridonian N Scotland Sutton and others, Imperial College Hebrides
510 H 3320-3334 Rocks Rodil, Harris Wager Hebrides
513 H 3540-3670 Rocks N Ireland Wager Hebrides
517 H 1-999, 4000-4610. Sliced rocks Skye, Scotland Wager Skye
519 H 5691-5742. Rocks Hebrides, Scotland Wager No cat. found
520 H 3724-3735 Rocks Ardnamurchan, Scotland Jane Wager Hebrides
521 H 3144-3296 Rocks Rum, Scotland Wager Hebrides
522 H 2001-2283 Rocks Skye, Scotland Vincent, Wager Vincent
523 H 2300-2419 Rocks Skye, Scotland Vincent, Wager Vincent
525 SA 1-1182 Bushveld Complex South Africa Wager, Brown Bushveld
603 H 1117-1192 Rocks Hebrides, Scotland Wager No cat. found
604 H-, G-, R- & S- Basic intrusions Somaliland Wager, Brown Somaliland List
Hist. Rocks 1-244 Rocks Mount Everest Wager Everest

Wager's Everest collection

Sample No. Description Locality
106 Metamorphosed limestone from extensive mass of relatively fine limestone cut by pegmatite and granite and deposited below or in the pelitic series. Just below high moraine half way between Base camp and I
107 Biotite granite-gneiss. Cf. gneiss at Chubiteng and Yattang. This rock has pre and contemporaneous pegmatites containing muscovite and tourmaline. W. Moraine, Rongbuk glacier near Base Camp
108 Band of light gneiss about 500' thick and injected into the 'Bio Gneiss'. Dominantly garnet-bearing. Some bio and schorl. Boulder from about 1500' above moraine
109 Pegmatite injecting pelite. Note tourmaline in pelite near contact. Boulder probably near in situ
110 Altered limestone of L. Calc. Series. In bands about 1' - 5' thick separated by bands of 1' - 10' of 111. 1 mile SE of Base Camp at about 17000'
111 Muscovite tourmaline microgranite adjacent to 110. 'Lit' about 5' thick. As 110
112 6" pelitic band in 110. As 110
113 Homogeneous muscovite tourmaline granite. A thick intrusion at least 300'in sediment. Bluff of massive rock 500' above and mile S.S.E. of Camp I
114 Altered limestone with augite or olivine. Common type. 800' above Camp I and to N.
115 The typical gneissose granite 400' lit in sediments. 200' above Camp I
116 Altered limestone. 1000' above Camp I and to N.N.W. (descending)
117 6" vein of microgranite cutting transgressively 116. 1000' above Camp I and to N.N.W. (descending)
118 Margin of 8" pegmatite cutting concordently through limestone as 119. 1000' above Camp I and to N.N.W. (descending)
119 Banded altered limestone. 1000' above Camp I and to N.N.W. (descending)
120 Two bands in limestone series perhaps due to injection. 1000' above Camp I and to N.N.W. (descending)
121 Metamorphosed pelite. mile above Camp III
122 From 2" vein of muscovite pegmatite in 121. mile above Camp III
123 Schlieren at junction between acid vein and pelites. mile above Camp III
124 Grey nobbly limestone, not noticeably metamorphosed. Band forming the 1st Step [27890']and probably most of the material of top of Everest
125 Typical yellow schistose marble forming Yellow Band. 300' below level of Camp IV
126 Shows a junction between yellow marble and metamorphosed pelite. Near junction there is a great deal of alteration of pelite and limestone and this occurs even about centre of Yellow band. About 26700'. Junction of Yellow Band and lower black rocks.
127 Altered pelite with acid injection. About 24500'
128 Metamorphosed pelitic sandstone showing a highly characteristic type of fracture of Odell's fossils. About 25000'
129 Cupriferous acid vein in pelite. About 23500'
130 Schorl veins cutting biotite pelite. Highest point of rocks between III and IIIA. As 121
131 Biotite pelite adjacent to 130. Highest point of rocks between III and IIIA. As 121
132 Metamorphosed impure limestone from calc band some 50' thick. 800' above Camp III
133 Biotite schist. Moraine just above III
134 Green schist Moraine just above III
135 Joints at about 40° in pelite at right angles to bedding but not persisting into calc hornfels layer. In calc schist layer minerals markedly elongated. Moraine mile above Camp III
136 Typical joints in two sets at about 40°. Moraine near Camp III
137 Specimen showing stretching and ultimate breaking of pelite and flow of limestone and tension gashes in upper pelite layer. Moraine near Camp III
138 Similar specimen. Moraine near Camp III
139 Similar specimen. Tension cracks broad and definite and filled with marble. Moraine near Camp III
140 Similar specimen to 137, but pelite shows indefinite cracks at right angles to direction of tension and joints at about 40°. Moraine near Camp III
141 Tension gashes and two sets of shearing joints at about 80°. Moraine near Camp III
142 Tension gashes but no shearing joints. Moraine near Camp III
143 Three sets of joints not truly at right angles to bedding. Presumed tension joint bisecting angle of approx. 100° instead of 80° as in 141. Moraine near Camp III
144 Foliated impure marble showing one set of joints ? tension gashes at 45° and streaks at right angles to these. ? fossils. Moraine near Camp III
145 Similar to 144. Moraine near Camp III
146 Quartzose pegmatite injecting the calc hornfels layer. Two sets of joints at a about 45°, one set apparently tension gashes lenticular prisms of injected material elongated parallel to tension cracks. Moraine near Camp III
147 In situ just above a limey band. Tension cracks pointed 10° E of S . This corresponds with a direction of jounting in rocks above and below. Point about 21500 on way to Lhakpa La
148 Bio schist with occasional garnets. About 21900'
149 Bio schist and green schist due to alteration of bio schist along vertical joint. About 21800'
150 Puckered bio schist. Strike of puckering about 20° S. of W. About 21700'
151 Psammitic pelite with garnet. About 21200'
152 Coarse pegmatite cutting limestone. About 21300'
153 Fine pegmatite cutting impure limestone. About 21300'
154 Puckered green schist. About 21100'

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