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The mineral collections comprise approximately 30,000 specimens. This database contains all specimens catalogued in the collections except most recent accessions, and meteorites and rocks which have been re-catalogued elsewhere. It includes minerals, gemstones, artefacts made from minerals, organic compounds (amber, bitumen etc.) and synthetic analogues of minerals. It shows selected fields derived from the comprehensive records we hold about every specimen in the collection, and the localities from which the specimens were obtained.

The database may be searched on any one or combination of the following fields: Mineral, Locality, Specimen History, and Original Catalogue Entry. The search is not case-sensitive. A summary table of search results for the selected records is then returned. This table indicates whether there is an associated image and contains the registration number, mineral name, and country of origin.

It is then possible to view full details for any record in the summary table by clicking on the appropriate registration number. These details include the full locality from which the specimen was obtained, the name and locality for the specimen as it was originally catalogued, and details of people or institutions associated with the specimen, including previous owners, dealers, researchers, etc. They also include an image of the specimen where one is present.

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