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The geological collections in the Museum hold palaeontological material. These important fossil collections contain many historically significant specimens.

The following articles introduce the geology displays of the Museum, including its collection of dinosaurs. They focus on the history of the collections, with biographies of the most famous geologists that have contributed to the Museum.

A dinosaur footprint in the field

The dinosaurs in the Museum
The Megalosaurus and others

Robert Plot
A brief biography of this important geologist's life and work
Edward Lhwyd
An introduction to the collections of Lhwyd, the earliest geological specimens in the Museum
William Buckland
A leading geologist of his time, and the first person to scientifically describe a dinosaur
Buckland's journey to the Continent
In 1816 Buckland travelled to Europe with the geologists George Greenough and William Conybeare*

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